Volunteering – flowers, brasses, gardening


Contact Jean Cooke – 07808 723340

There are several people who volunteer to do the altar flowers. We are very grateful to them and to Jean Cooke for facilitating the rota. For special festivals a team get together to decorate the church. We are always in need of others to help and they need not be churchgoers, just people who enjoy flowers and the thought of giving the pleasure of flowers to others.

St Mary’s is a beautiful Church, the addition of floral arrangements bring joy to all who worship in the Church and also to visitors, of which there are many, as the door is always open during the day.


Contact  Sue Haynes- 01737 842613

Our volunteers keep our Eagle lectern and Candlesticks  looking their best. If you would be kind enough to help occasionally, please call Sue.

Gardening our Grounds/Churchyard

Contact Everett Leeds

Contractors are employed to mow the grass in the graveyard, but volunteers attend the rose beds, weeding and tree pruning. Please contact Everett or Carol Leeds if you would like to help.

Reading Room Committee

Contact Ken Caldwell

Volunteeers manage the Reading Room bookings and decoration on behalf of the church. Contact Ken  if you are willing to assist.