Graveyard Survey

In November 2020, a new graveyard survey of St Mary the Virgin Buckland was completed, resulting in a 94-page report which comprises the following sections:

  • Location Plans
  • Survey methods and Findings
  • Transcripts of Gravestone Memorial Inscriptions (MIs) – 369 graves
  • Transcripts of Ashes Memorials, Rose bed and Church Plaque Mis – 150+ records
  • Transcripts of Lost Graves, recorded in 1888 but no longer present – c.40 records
  • Index of all names – over 900 names, cross referenced to lists in 3 &4 above.

Download the GRAVEYARD SURVEY 2020 here in PDF format without charge.  [Note some pages are intentionally blank for presentation in 2-sided printing].

Paper reference copies of the report are available at the following locations:

  • Church of St Mary the Virgin, Buckland Surrey
  • Meg Ryan Archive at The Hamilton Room Betchworth
  • Redhill Local History Library
  • Surrey History Centre Woking.

Check the websites of these locations for opening times and whether appointments are required.

Photographs of Gravestone & memorials

Each gravestone and memorial has been photographed during 2020.   The photographs are accessible below.

For gravestone photos in JPEG format, access the GRAVESTONE PHOTOS, where the filenames correspond to the Grave plot numbers in the report, from 1 to 369, followed by the surname of the first-named on the inscription.

For photos of Ashes Memorials, Rose bed memorials, Wall plaques (outside & inside the church), access the ASHES, ROSE BED & WALL PLAQUE MEMORIAL PHOTOS, which correspond to the numbers A0 to A177 in the report, followed by the surname of the first-named on the inscription.  [Gaps in this numbering sequence are due to lack of a memorial on the plot, not a missing photo].

Searching Tip

If you just want to find a family name, go straight to the INDEX (p.76) of the Report, which will give you the page number of the full inscription.   The memorial reference number will also enable you to find the exact location on the Plans in section 1 and also enable you to access the photographs held in the above links.

Feedback – please send your comments and any corrections to fernsdc@gmail.com.  Thank you