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Village Hall – ‘The Reading Room’ – Booking Information


Reading Room

Old Road, Buckland RH3 7DY

The Buckland Reading Room (Village Hall) is a community facility, provided for the people of Buckland and surrounding areas. The Reading Room is leased by St Mary’s Church, Buckland, and is managed on its behalf by the Reading Room Management Committee.   There are a wide range of community groups who use the Reading Room on a regular basis, mostly on weekdays, both during the day and in the evenings (more details on the  Getting Involved pages).

Regular Events Timetable Includes:

  • Monday:1-4pm Art Group ; 4.15pm  Rainbows; 5.30 Brownies
  • Tuesday: 10-12pm Drop in Toddler Group; 2-4.15 Bridge;
  • Wednesday: 1.30-4.30 Home Education
  • Thursday: 2.15-5.15 Bridge Club; 7-8.30 Yoga

We welcome enquiries from other community groups wishing to use the Reading Room on a regular basis or for a one off event, or from individuals wishing to hire the Reading Room for an activity or event or party.  During school holidays, the Reading Room is also available for short courses or summer schools.

If you wish to discuss hiring the Reading Room, please contact Stella Cantor , the Bookings Secretary, on 01737 843335 or email


  1. The Reading Room has one main hall, capable of holding up to 60 people, which can be divided into two smaller halls, using sliding doors.
  2. The hall is available for hire per session. A session is a period of anything up to three hours, in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Hiring charges are £30 per session.  There is a fully equipped kitchen and toilets, and tables and chairs are also available for hirers, at no extra charge.   There is also free wi-fi access.
  3. Special rates are available for regular and longer term hires (e.g. for community groups, summer schools or courses) – please enquire for details.

CONDITIONS OF USE  Please note the following conditions applying to hiring the Reading Room:

  1. SUPERVISION: To hire the Reading Room, you must be over 21 years of age. The person making the hiring is responsible for the safety and conduct of others attending, for ensuring that neighbours are not disturbed, and for ensuring that the Reading Room is left clean, tidy, and secure at the end of the event

SERVING FOOD: If you intend to serve food at your event, you will be responsible for maintaining proper food hygiene.

SERVING ALCOHOL: Modest consumption of alcohol at events and parties is permitted, under the supervision of the hirer, provided no alcohol is being sold. If you wish to sell alcohol at your event, you will need to seek the permission of the Reading Room Management Committee, and you will need to obtain a temporary license from the local authority.

EVENING EVENTS: Evening events must finish by 11 pm promptly

MUSIC AND PUBLIC PERFORMANCES: Playing of music at private and community group events is permitted, provided this does not disturb the neighbours. Please consult the Management Committee in advance if you plan to have live amplified music at your event. If you wish to put on a public performance of a copyright work (eg play, music, etc.), you will need to seek a license from the Performing Rights Society.

INSURANCE: The Reading Room holds insurance for the Reading Room building and fittings. This does not cover items that you bring for use at your event, or any risks arising from the activities you organise in the Reading Room, for which you are responsible. If you are concerned about these issues, you should seek separate insurance.

This note provides practical information for the guidance of people hiring the Reading Room.


  1. PARKING: If people attending your event will be coming by car, please ask them to park on Old Road, or on the other side of the A25 on Rectory Lane (by Buckland Green). Please ask them not to park in Yewdells Close (the short close to the left of the Reading Room as you walk out the door), or outside the village shop.
  2. KEYS: Please contact Doreen Dart, the Bookings Secretary, one or two days before the event, to arrange when to collect the keys. Doreen’s telephone number is 01737 842670.
  3. WHAT TO BRING: Please remember to bring your own tea towels and rubbish bags ARRIVAL
  4. HEATING: If you require heaters, please follow the instructions beside the heating control panel (on the left as you enter the main hall). There is no charge for use of the heaters, but please use them only when needed.
  5. TABLES AND CHAIRS: Tables are stored in the cupboard at the back of the main hall. Chairs are stacked at the back of the main hall.
  6. KITCHEN: Crockery and cutlery, pots and utensils, are available in the kitchen for your use


  1. SMOKING: All areas of the Reading Room are no smoking areas. Please ask smokers to smoke outside
  2. ANIMALS: Animals are not permitted in the Reading Room (other than dogs assisting people with disabilities)
  3. NOISE: Please ensure noise and music are kept at reasonable levels so as not to disturb the neighbours (both during the event and when attendees are leaving)
  4. SAFETY: You are responsible for the safety of attendees at your event, and for avoiding damage to the Reading Room or its fittings. You should ensure that fire exits are not blocked at any time, and that the kitchen equipment is used responsibly. Please report any breakages or damage, or any accidents occurring on Reading Room premises, to the Bookings Secretary as soon as possible after the event.
  5. WI-FI:   Wi-fi access codes are provided on the noticeboards in the main hall


  1. TIDYING AND CLEANING: At the end of your event, you are responsible for tidying and cleaning all areas of the Reading Room you have used, leaving it ready for the next users. Cleaning materials, vacuum cleaner, and brooms are available in the cupboard in the hallway (to the left as you enter the main door).
  2. DEPARTURE: Please ensure you turn off all lights and heaters before leaving the building, and lock up when you go, returning the key as soon as possible, or as arranged with the Bookings Secretary. See checklist attached for items to check before departure.
  3. FAULTY EQUIPMENT, DAMAGE, BREAKAGES: Please report any faulty or unsafe equipment, and any damage or breakages, to the Bookings Secretary when returning the keys. Any minor repairs or maintenance needed can be recorded in the health and safety book, which is kept near the heater control panel (to the right as you enter the main hall)
  4. EMERGENCIES: In the event of an emergency occurring during your event, you should contact the appropriate emergency services. If the incident affects the safety and security of the Reading Room, please inform any member of the Management Committee as soon as possible, using the emergency numbers below.

( To be used in emergencies only)

  • Ken Caldwell     01737 843893
  • Stella Cantor     01737 843335
  • Tilly Mitchell     01737 843297
  • Carol Leeds        01737 247399
  • Liz Vahey            01737 221444
  • Fiona Brindley   01737 841005

(For use by hirers before leaving the Reading Room)


  • Tables and chairs stacked and put away (if used)
  • All rooms used tidied, and floor/carpet swept or vacuumed
  • Own equipment removed or put away in designated cupboards
  • Crockery, cutlery, pots, utensils cleaned, dried, and put away
  • Kitchen surfaces clean and wiped (if kitchen used)
  • All rubbish removed (please take it away with you)

Is the Reading Room left as you would wish to find it?


  • Hot water switched off (if used)
  • Heaters switched off (if used)
  • All lights switched off
  • All windows and doors closed and locked