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Sunday worship on 5th December, Second Sunday of Advent, AT 10AM Family Communion at St Michael’s.


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Tending of the gravestone and memorial plaques in the churchyard – updated information HERE.

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20th November 2020

Tending of the gravestone and memorial plaques in the churchyard.

Over many years, the presence and numbers of plant pots, artificial flowers, ornaments and planted shrubs has reached a point where the graveyard no longer meets the Diocese’s churchyard regulations, and thus we have to ensure the churchyard is compliant.  The regulations will allow a simple posy of cut flowers or small pot plant on a grave or memorial plaque but nothing more, and so this means the removal of many of the plant pots and the artificial flowers, ornaments, pebbles, planted shrubs etc.

This notice has been placed in  the graveyard asking those tending the graves and memorial plaques to remove the non compliant items by the 31st December this year – the date has been extended from the 15th November. The notices, which explain what we are doing in more detail, advise that at some point after that date the items will be placed by the front gate for collection, and if not collected within a reasonable time thereafter they will disposed of.

Anna Moore Rector, David Sayce and Liz Vahey Churchwardens


Organ restoration – update March 2021

The progress of raising money for the organ restoration was halted by the Covid pandemic and remains largely as it was in March 2020 update below. However earlier in 2021 with some prospect of restrictions being eased, we looked at how the project should be re-commenced. Unfortunately the preferred contractor with whom we were working decided to pull out of the project citing retirement. We are therefore getting revised quotations and seeking new ones.

The offer of Chris Slater to play all the hymns in the hymn book on his organ at home and seek sponsorship for it for the organ restoration is most welcome; details can be found in the April Parish Magazine.

March 2020

Following the receipt and consideration of independent professional advice, the Church is looking to restore our over 100 years old organ to full working condition. Some parts are not functioning, others have deteriorated over time, and others are starting to fail. If nothing is done, the organ will in time cease to work. The proposed comprehensive restoration will include a clean and overhaul, soundboard restoration, repairs to mechanisms and re-leathering of bellows and pneumatic actions.

The estimated net cost of the restoration is £30,000 made up in round figures of £21,500, being the 2019 restoration quote, £1000 professional fees and £8000 contingencies (including electrical work and VAT). The contingency figure may seem high but covers necessary electrical work, anticipated unknowns within the organ itself, any repairs to the church’s fabric revealed when the organ is taken apart and VAT. VAT is estimated at £5000 but we hope to be able to reclaim that through a dedicated Government grant scheme but we can only apply after the VAT has been paid.

In order to raise the necessary funds, a committee has been set up consisting of local residents and members of the PCC, and so far £13,100 has been either received or committed. Events such as the murder mystery evening at Hatfield Manor last October and coffee mornings, church talks etc. have proved to have been very successful and have shown just how much support there is in the village for the project. At the same time the committee has applied to a number of charitable trusts and organisations which has so far resulted in grants or commitments of £9300. In addition, we have received a legacy of £1500.

We have another £16,900 to raise. Further events, such as the postponed May Fair, whose profits are dedicated to the restoration of the organ, are in the pipeline and, when appropriate given the present circumstances, a general appeal will be launched which is expected to bring in funds, in many cases supplemented by gift aid.

We are awaiting the result of further outstanding grant applications and exploring what other funds may help us. If there are suggestions for other fund raising events, please let us know; also please pass any ideas for how you think the restored organ can be used for the benefit of our church and community.


Safeguarding Policy – Promoting a Safer Church

On 19th July 2019 the Parochial Church Council adopted the following Safeguarding Policy.

“In accordance with the Church of England Safeguarding Policy, our church is committed to:
• promoting a safer environment and culture
• safely recruiting and supporting all those with any responsibility related to children, young people and vulnerable adults within the church
• responding promptly to every safeguarding concern or allegation
• caring pastorally for victims/survivors of abuse and other affected persons
• caring pastorally for those who are the subject of concerns or allegations of abuse and other affected persons
• responding to those who may pose a present risk to others.