St Mary’s Churchyard and Church Fabric Fund
‘For all time and for Everyone’


What is the Fund?

Set up and endowed by Terence Sanders in 1983 shortly before he died, the Fund contributes to the cost of maintaining, primarily, the graveyard, and secondarily, the fabric of the Church. Since his death, others have also generously contributed to the Fund. The current capital value of the Fund, which is a Registered Charity, is in the region of £65,000, providing an income of around £2,700 per annum which becomes available to the Church.

How is the Fund Constituted?

The Trust Deed provides for five Trustees, currently Ninian Sanders (Chairman), Philip Haynes (Treasurer), Nigel Husband (Parish Trustee), Barbara Thomas (Church Trustee) and Duncan Ferns (Secretary).

‘For All time and for Everyone’

Unlink a church collection, donations to this Fund are used to build up a capital fund. The Trustees use all the income from this to contribute to maintaining the churchyard—and possibly your last resting place—will be well looked after and a pleasure to visit, for all time and for everyone. The church not only offers memorial headstones for graves, but also memorial Plaques for scattering of ashes and commemorative plaques for Standard Roses.

Looking to the Future

Maintaining the Churchyard to its current high standard is central to everyone’s enjoyment of the Church. It is also an appropriate way of recognizing all the hard work which goes into making St Mary’s a focal point for the village.

However, the current level of income is insufficient to meet the demands of the Churchyard both in the short term and looking further ahead. The Trustees consider that to achieve the Fund’s objectives, a capital value of at least £85,000 in current terms will be required, thereby producing an initial annual income of around £3000 and scope for capital growth. This would also enable the Fund to provide support for the maintenance of the Church fabric in future years.

How you can Help

There are three primary ways of making a donation to the Fund:

• LEGACY—a donation left in your Will to our Charity, that may, if you wish, be focused on a specific purpose.

• GIVE AS YOUR EARN – this is for regular donations through an employer’s payroll with the principles of tax saving being similar to Gift Aid. (Fund registration 011705)

• SINGLE DONATIONS with GIFT AID– a tax efficient way of giving one-off donation.

Please click HERE for the form to either give a donation, or to advise our treasurer of future ‘Legacy’ and ‘Give as Your Earn’ donations. The completed form can be scanned and emailed to our Treasurer: or posted to him at Briarsmead, Old Rd, Buckland, Surrey RH3 7DU.