Fair Trade Parish

Southwark Diocese is working towards becoming a Fair trade diocese and the church wardens have signed a pledge to support this cause.

Stop press: Fairtrade Fortnight 24th February – 8th March 2020.

Certificates are on display in both porches. This means that we have agreed to:

  • Serve only Fair trade tea and coffee
  • Endeavour to use fairly traded items wherever possible
  • Promote the use of fairly traded items amongst our congregations
  • Support the principles of Trade, Justice and make poverty history.

Fair Trade is not about charity, it’s about giving people the dignity of working their way out of poverty, providing opportunity and hope for the future. To make a lasting difference to producers and their families, people need to be encouraged and reminded about the benefits of buying fair trade all year round. At Betchworth and Buckland in recent years we have run fair-trade stalls and both churches serve fair trade coffee and tea after the services. One of the main stalls is held each year in the Hamilton Room in November, bonfire weekend.

There is also the wider campaign to support and put pressure on governments to create a world that allows “Free Trade” and ensuring that all producers have an equal opportunity to competitive prices. Christian Aid and other organizations are working towards public awareness of this issue. By supporting the Fairtrade policies we have started the process of concern for others in our world.

Link The Fairtrade Foundation