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Buckland has 6 bells in the tower, the tenor weighing in at 6 cwt. In 2005, the bells were taken out for a ‘service’, re-tuned and re-hung – a once in fifty year service.

The bellringers have continued to ring for all services required by the church and for weddings as requested. We are a band of seven for the six bells which are light in weight, when compared to other towers, partly because of the timber framed steeple in which they are housed. We practise once week on Friday evenings and at most practices we have regular visiting ringers who join us; there are visiting bands as well because Buckland is a popular venue. We host training sessions organised by the Surrey Association to whom we belong. Each year we carried out annual maintenance of the bells, frame and ringing chamber which included the repair of the leaded light window.

Our annual outing, which we shared with Betchworth ringers, took place in East Sussex during September, and with an annual dinner in January you can see we are a social band but acknowledge our commitment to the church and its community. It is fair to say that we could do with more ringers and would especially welcome anyone from Buckland.

Contact : David Sayce

Southwark Cathedral Blessing of the Bells January 2017

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